What Do We Want For Our Children?

by admin on March 3, 2013

What do we want for our children?

Some of what we want is for them . . .

  • to be happy
  • to be smart
  • to succeed
  • to be problem solvers
  • to begin the road to independence.

The subsequent question must be, “How are these things best achieved?

At Children’s Country House we believe that young children have a natural desire to do or be all of the above. It’s our job to enable and encourage them.

Children want to earn. They are curious about everything. They love to ask questions and try things out. They are always busy exploring and thinking. At CCH we work had give them challenges with puzzles, projects, art, guest speakers etc. We believe it is our job to guide and encourage them.

Children are naturally enthusiastic and happy., and they remain that way when they are given choices and encouragement. Freedom to choose provides the deep satisfaction of being in control.

When a child says, “I’ll do it myself.” he or she has stepped foot onto the road to independence. Children may still need help, but will also need chances to do it for themselves. We firmly believe that if we follow this recipe for growth, then children will learn and be successful.

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