Summer 2012 Curriculum

by Debera Nielsen PhD on May 30, 2012

Summer is upon us, and we have made plans for an exciting program! Here are the details:

The Summer on the Farm curriculum for 2012

• Week 1: Recycling and saving the earth.
• Week 2: Animal Care (horses, goats, chickens, rabbits).
• Week 3: Gardening (eating healthy). How plants grow.
• Week 4: County Fair- Contests, pie and pickles, relay races and blue ribbons.
• Week 5: Appreciation of nature in art, poetry & stories (poet’s wall).
• Week 6: Tree Identification (leaves and leaf projects).
• Week 7: Insects role in nature- bug collecting categorizing.
• Week 8: Native American philosophy of nature (one with the earth) drama.

If anyone has something to contribute let us know.

We are looking forward to all the topics. The children have been having fun talking about recycling and fun things to do with recyclables.

Mid-summer we will have our Summer Fair, with contests, games, pony rides and a picnic/barbecue, and of course, parents will be invited. The event will take place Friday June 29th from 11am -12:30pm.

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